TRAYBITE® Premium Rapid Fix Cable Tray Couplers

TRAYBITE® is a Unique Universal-Fitting Cable Tray Coupler system, that significantly reduces labour costs and removes the Aggro and Inefficiencies from a 1st-fix installations

The conventional Couplers which require roofing nuts & bolts will always work out cheaper to buy…But if your wanting to save time and money overall, then use the TRAYBITE® Couplers, a Simpler and far more efficient method of install!

So if you are serious about:

  • Taking the productivity and ROI of your install teams to a whole new level
  • Finding a faster and smarter method of install without cutting corners
  • Reducing your labour related stress and challenges
  • Increasing Engineers Productivity without them working harder or longer
  • Reinforcing your competitive advantage

…then TRAYBITE® is an absolute must for your installations.

Affordable | Easy to use | Real Fast – Choose TRAYBITE®

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