TRAYBITE® Premium Rapid Fix Cable Tray Couplers

TRAYBITE® is a Unique Universal-Fitting Cable Tray Coupler system, that significantly speeds up 1st-fix installations by removing the inherent inefficiencies contractors experience when using the conventional and fiddly nut and bolt install method!

The one short-lived benefit of using conventional couplers which require roofing nuts & bolts is that they are ‘cheap’ to buy…TRAYBITE® Couplers are a premium quality and the design of them along with the special self-thread screw is what enables you to now join cable tray together ‘at least’ 3 x faster than you are currently, with less aggravation and without working any harder!

So if you are serious about:

  • Increasing your productivity
  • Becoming more efficient and effective on-site
  • Empowering your engineers to work smarter
  • Reinforcing your competitive edge and advantage

…then TRAYBITE®Couplers are an absolute must for your future 1st-Fix installations!

Affordable | Easy to use | Real Fast – Choose TRAYBITE®

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