STUDBITE® Channel-to-Stud Trapeze Support Adaptor

STUDBITE® Channel-to-Stud Trapeze Support Adaptor (Pair)

Building trapeze support brackets onsite or offsite made easy. By inverting the TFTSA it can be used as support in a traditional channel trapeze.

    no nuts, washers or channel end caps needed!
  • No need to deburr stud ends.
  • No hot works when using pre-cut stud and channel.
  • Easily adjustable up and down stud.
  • SWL: M8 Rod=80kg, M10 Rod=120kg
    With screws tightened to 2kN (3:1 Safety Ratio).

Compatible with M8/M10 stud and deep/shallow channel, STUDBITE® Channel-to-Stud Adaptor have been specifically designed to work with (not replace) tried and trusted industry-standard products.




The STUDBITE® On-site easy-build Trapeze System

Steel Channel and Threaded Rod are both among the most TRUSTED commodity fixing products used in all types of 1st-Fix installations globally!

In recent times we have seen some Trapeze Brackets starting to be made off-site and also the introduction of Wire Rope Systems, which are more efficient to work with than Threaded Rod.

Our STUDBITE mission was to fix the inherent installation inefficiencies associated with Channel and Threaded Rod on 1st-Fix projects. We knew that if we could design an innovative product which overcomes the most labour intensive parts of a 1st-Fix installation when working with these popular commodity products, we would be able to positively impact the productivity and project efficiencies for contractors globally!

Trusted – Easier – Faster

To request your STUDBITE® sample please fill in the below form, or give our sales team a call on 01206 239 885:

    Expect to receive a pair of our labour-saving STUDBITE® Channel-to-Stud Trapeze Adaptors.

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