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Are you serious about taking the productivity and ROI of your install teams to a whole new level?

Introducing TRAYBITE®

a unique nut-free universal-fitting MD Cable Tray Coupler that significantly reduces labour costs and removes aggravation from 1st-fix installations.

Of course there are cheaper nut-and-bolt couplers on the market. But we guarantee that the small extra cost of TRAYBITE® is completely outweighed by the significant labour savings of our rapid fix solution….

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Do you have trouble fitting these?

Introducing RING LEADER®

Air Valve Fixing Ring

The innovative RING LEADER® air valve fixing ring solves an ancient installation aggravation experienced by all HVAC engineers – Fitting Ventilation Air Valves!

The challenge with air valves is that you need to fix them securely to the ceiling. BUT, as every engineer knows, the screw holes in the spigot provided are always positioned too close to the ‘crumbly-edge’ of the hole that you’ve cut out in the ceiling! We’ve solved the problem…

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Do you have trouble with leaks like this?

Introducing CONSOLVE®

Premium Rubber to Solvent Weld A/C Drain Unit Adaptor

CONSOLVE® is Another Unique and Innovative TERLOK product, which solves a long-standing condensate need in the market. It is cleverly and Hydro-Dynamically designed for an unrestricted cascading flow of condensate…

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