An introduction from Bruce Miller - UK Director

Having started my career as an installation engineer I used this invaluable and practical experience to start from scratch a wholesale company, where I’ve since spent the last 18 happy years of my life supplying contractors throughout the UK. This invaluable experience gave me some great practical insights into the needs and challenges of a supply chain, from the top to the bottom including the wholesaler in the middle! Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the world of wholesale and the challenge of constantly needing to explore innovative ways to continue growing profitably within a highly competitive and well serviced market, I could see the increasing need and importance of providing better support for our hard working contractors at the end of our supply chains!

I was inspired to embark on an exciting journey of innovating products that will add immediate value and benefit to the installer. Labour as we all know, is one of every contractors biggest single cost and our purpose at TERLOK is to innovate products that boost productivity with immediate and positive results! To help reform and revolutionise conventional and sluggish installation methods, we have focussed our product innovation and development around the following areas:

  • The most labour intensive parts of an installation
  • The parts of an installation that give the engineer the most Aggro
  • Making the conventional and commodity products more efficient to work with

Having been a wholesaler for 18yrs, it is always great to have a selection of unique products that add tangible value to your customers that will help dilute the many low margin and boring commodity products you’re obliged to stock and sell. TERLOK would welcome you on board as a valued and strategic partner, to become a conduit to market for the exciting line up of innovative products we have already and in the pipeline!

TERLOK Purpose Statement:

Enabling Installation Efficiency, through Product Innovation!

Our latest product innovations