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Innovative UK manufacturer, empowering contractors to work faster and more effectively on-site!

Unique Air-Valve Fixing Solution!

This simple and cost-effective solution is designed to increase the quality and speed of installation, by providing an easy and professional solution for contractors to securely-fix the popular metal circular ventilation Air-Valve grilles into both suspended and solid ceilings!
Removes the aggro out of the installation!
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Premium Rubber to Solvent Weld
A/C Drain Unit Adaptor

Made from a premium automotive grade rubber ensures it will not crack or perish over time!  It has also been cleverly and Hydro-Dynamically designed for an unrestricted cascading flow of condensate.
Guaranteed to outlast the life of the AC Unit!
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Install-Ready Trapeze System

This unique, patent-pending Cable Tray, Cable Basket, Duct and Pipe-Support Trapeze system, removes inherent inefficiencies associated with 1st-Fix installations and empowers contractors to work so much faster and more effectively On-Site, whilst continuing to use their trusted commodity products; Threaded-Rod & Channel!
Trusted - Easier - Faster
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Premium Rapid Fix
Cable Tray Couplers

This unique universal-fitting Cable Tray Coupler, massively speeds up 1st-Fix installations by removing the inherent inefficiencies contractors experience when using the conventional and fiddly nut and bolt install method! 
Affordable - Easy to use - Real Fast
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Indoor A/C Cassette - Split Hoist

The Indoor A/C Cassette Split Unit Hoist is designed to reduce risk and enable a single engineer to install an A/C Cassette-type unit in a Safe, Efficient and more Professional manner.  The hoist eliminates the manual lifting and holds the weight of the unit, making it easy for the engineer to attach the unit to the 4 x Threaded-Rod supports!
Safe, Professional & Efficient. Reduces Risk.
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Outdoor A/C Condenser - Split Hoist

The Outdoor Split Hoist is designed to reduce risk and enables a single engineer to lift an A/C split condenser unit up onto wall brackets, in a Safe, Efficient and more Professional manner.
Play-Safe, Be-Professional & Reduce Risk.
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Indoor A/C Unit Hoist

The STUDBITE® Hoist is designed to do all the lifting for you and to free up both your hands to attach the A/C Unit to the 4 x Stud (Threaded-Rod) supports, making this a safer and easier one-man operation!
Safe, Simple & Efficient. Reduces Risk!
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Adding value through innovation

TERLOK products are designed to aid on-site engineers, helping them to work smarter, faster and increase their productivity with immediate and positive results!

Boost productivity without having to work harder

Speed up the labour intensive parts of an installation

Remove the aggro out of installations

Innovative products that are simple to use

Innovative products that are affordable to buy

Protect your reputation as a quality installer